Monday, December 17, 2007


I got to hear the baby's heartbeat for the first time today. The doctor just used a microphone and we got to hear the little thing beating away. It was at 164 bpm. This is still high but pretty close to the normal range. Everything else at our appointment today seemed to be normal. The visit was fairly quick once we got in. We get to go back in January and that is when we find out the sex of the baby! I hope. Kristen says that there is a possibility that we won't be able to. That maybe the legs will be crossed or something else will be obstructing the view.

I'm nervous! I really want to find out but I am nervous. Its another step to reality. After we find out the sex then we can start buying some real baby stuff. We can start thinking about painting the room and getting a crib and all that fun stuff!

There are still people that we need to tell too. I am waiting to tell some people until I can sit down with them and enjoy the conversation. I think it is fun to tell people and share the story. Kristen is still a little nervous about it but I am sure that will change soon.


Thursday, December 6, 2007

Week 12

Saturday is the 12 week mark. I have been reading everything I can to try and understand what is going on. I have 3 books now. One is called What to expect when your expecting and the other two are for expecting fathers. They talk more about what to expect the first year rather than what the pregnancy is all about. There is a lot to learn for me. I know it all can't come from books but it is nice to be a little knowledgeable. That way maybe Kristen and I can have better conversations about what is going on and I can maybe understand what she is going through so I can help her any way possible.

I believe she has been feeling better this week. There was one day that she worried me and she felt really bad. She has been taking her vitamins and I think she has been eating well. I went to the store today and got her a WHOLE bunch of snack foods that I think are somewhat healthy and good for her to eat. I also got some chicken that we can cook and would be healthy for her to eat.

I am getting more and more excited about the baby. There is so much that we need to take care of and plan for. Money is going to be an issue we have to deal with and we are going to need to convert one of the bedrooms into a baby room. Everybody that we have talked to about the baby is so excited for us. I assumed that some people would tell us that we are dumb for having one so early but I haven't heard that once. It was very fast and Kristen and I both know that. We are happy that people are so supportive.

I keep thinking about how fortunate I am to have all of the blessings that are in my life. I have a beautiful wife and a great family. I have a big house that has plenty of room for guests and Kristen's brother to have the basement. Kristen and I both have good jobs and we are doing very well. God has truly given us many blessings.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

11 Weeks

It is eleven weeks today! The baby is growing little finger and toe nails and it should be starting to look less like an alien. The ears are coming over to the side of his head and a neck should be forming. I can’t wait to see it again. I don’t think they are going to do a sonogram at the next appointment. I am not sure when they will do one again.

Kristen has appeared to feel better this week. She is still tired but hasn’t had a whole lot of extra time to sleep. She has been working her normal schedule or maybe even more. She had meetings and just finished her last class at school for this semester. Hopefully next week she will be able to get a bit more rest.

We came to Wichita this weekend to see our grandparents. I am so excited about the baby that I couldn’t keep it in. I tried to let Kristen tell her grandma and cousin but I ended up doing it anyway. Kristen let her mom know that she was allowed to tell people now. This makes it easier for us to break the news.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

The Big News!

It's official! Kristen and I are going to be parents! It was such a shock to us when we found out, but once that wore off I am so excited! There are so many emotions that are being thrown around that it is hard to explain them.

We had our first appointment last week. This was quite the experience for me. We waited and waited while the doctor went deliver two babies. Not just one baby, two! So the appointment took a nice long 4 hours. But I still got to see our baby for the first time! We had a sonogram that showed us the little peanut in there. The heart beat was up at 184 bpm and the whole thing was about 1 inch long. The lady told us that we were 9 weeks 2 days along that day. So right now we are 10 weeks and 1 day. We did the math and that would make this a honeymoon miracle. We were both amazed at how fast it was. Definitely unplanned.

It is amazing how quickly plans can change. We had a goal down to finish our Masters programs and then start a family. That would be about 4 years down the road. However, with this news that whole thing went up in smoke. But what a wonderful way to do it! I am so excited that I am going to have a little baby soon. This is so exciting!

First the emotion was amazement, then fear that we aren't ready. Now the amazement is still there but now I am excited. The fear still sits over on the edge of my mind but I know that the Lord gave us this blessing for a reason. The last year of our lives have been filled with so many blessings that I know that this is his plan. Not ours. I can always rely on that fact. There is someone that is watching over us and is giving us what we need as well as all the blessings that we truly don't deserve.

"Thank you Lord for the blessings you have given us. You are such an amazing God. We know we don't deserve your Love but you have forgiven us and blessed us anyway. Please protect us in this time of change and give us a healthy baby. "