Sunday, July 27, 2008

Shower and Baptism

We had a busy weekend! Saturday Kristen and Michelle traveled to Topeka for a baby shower that my family hosted for her. I guess it was more of a Toddler shower. The clothes and toys were geared more towards slightly older kids. This was because already have so much for a baby but hardly anything for her when she gets older! It was wonderful seeing all the pictures from the party.

I went and met two of my brothers at my dad's farm. Dad has been very busy traveling to Wichita since my Grandpa's health hasn't been so good. My brother David has been taking care of the farm as often as he can. Keeping the grass mowed and make sure everything is where it is supposed to be. It's quite a job. James and I met him out there and got away from shower territory for a while. Then we went and ate with some of James' (and mine) friends in Overbrook. It was a good day. Dad met us back at the house when Kristen and I both got home. He stayed with us Saturday night.

Sunday was the baptism! Oh what an event this was! We got out of the house a little late and when we got to the church a friend had called and said "Are you sure your baptism is at 10:45? You are on the bulletin and it looks like you are supposed to be here at 5 tonight. And there is another family and baby already here." So I got really flustered and tried to figure out what was going on. Did I make a mistake and invite 50 people to the wrong time? I was sure I got an email telling me 10:45. Regardless of that it was clear that we were on the schedule for 5pm. So I talked to some very helpful ladies who went and talked to the staff doing the baptisms. Jeff Clinger was scheduled to do our baptism at 5 and was at the church in the morning. He agreed to go ahead and do our baptism immediately following the other family's baptism. I was so relieved and thankful that the church was willing to work around this. And thankful to the Meek family for not getting upset that they had to share their occasion. It took me a while to calm down after that. I was so scared that all my family was there and wouldn't get to see the baptism. It was my fault for not calling to confirm the time with the church staff.

After the baptism we had people over for sandwiches and visit at our house. It got so busy! I loved seeing everybody here. There were so many people but it was a blast. After I was able to settle down some it got better. People started eating and I calmed down.

Thank you to everybody that came to the baptism and everybody that came over. It was a wonderful day.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Jennifer Collins Charity Walk

I haven't posted much lately. I switched jobs and we did just have a baby! School has been an interesting twist too. However, that isn't an excuse!

We went to Jennifer Collin's fund raising auction and walk yesterday. Kristen's mom came with us. It was a pretty good turnout! Today, Kristen, Michelle and Chloe are going to Topeka for another baby shower (actually a toddler shower) and I am meeting my brothers out at my dad's farm to do some cleanup and hang out.

I gotta run. Hope you enjoy the pictures.

Monday, July 14, 2008


I knew that I would be doing more laundry once Chloe arrived. However, I never expected I would be doing this much! It turns out that my daughter likes to pee once we get the diaper off and get her cleaned up. Just about the time I reach for a new diaper here comes the flood. By no means am I upset about this. It is really cute and I know it will eventually stop. (Please let it eventually stop!). I just have to be prepared for it. We have moved the changing padS off of the end of the bed and on to the dresser. We have everything within reach (including extra onesies and extra changing pads). This has helped a lot. (on a side note: I flinch every time she sneezes while I change her because of an 'accident' after a bath one time)

So we have changing pads and onesies to wash (a lot). Plus washing the onesies she just wears all day. Then we get to wash the cloth diapers/burp rags we use. We have our clothes that we get to wash because of normal use plus Chloe accidents too.

This morning I got to wash our sheets because Chloe spit up. A LOT. Kristen was mad at me because I guess I bounced her around too much while changing her and her onesie in the feeding break. So I got to change the sheets and wash them.

Oh well! Every day is a new adventure. I still love being a daddy!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't Grow Up!

So, I have been sitting here at my computer for a couple hours now with Chloe on my chest...just sleeping away. I haven't really been doing anything important ( I could be studying or working but instead was just watching Numb3rs and not wanting to wake up C!)

It makes me sad to think that she will soon be growing up and won't be able to lay down and fall asleep on my chest like this. I know that it is part of life and there will be good things then. I am jumping the gun a bit. I just love my little girl and don't want her to change! :(

However, I can't wait for her to be walking so we can play soccer and go fishing and do all the fun stuff that we can do together!

I really wish you all could see her now though. She had her arms up under her head like I do when I sleep. Now she is holding on to my necklace. :)

More mushy stuff to come. Trust me.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Chloe is amazing

It is so amazing to watch Chloe figure out how all her muscles work. I can sit and watch her for hours. She makes the cutest faces and stretches and just is always moving and figuring things out. She has already perfected the move where she wiggles her arms out of the swaddle. It doesn't take her long either!

I knew that being a dad would be pretty cool. But I had no idea that I could feel this way. It is so much fun to watch her and play with her and even just hold her while she sleep (which she does a lot of!)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby is Great

Chloe had her first doctor's appointment yesterday. They said she is doing fantastic. She is sleeping for 3 to 4 hour stretches at night. She has already gained weight back to her birth weight (plus 3 extra ounces). They said they want that by two weeks and she did it in one! That's my girl!

They checked her color and bones and all that and said she is fine. We are going back in 3 weeks for the 1 month checkup. I will be sure to post again after that one. Hopefully I won't wait that long to post again but who knows!

Things are really good around the house too. Other than me being tired and bit grumpy everything is fine. I have been busting my ass trying to keep things clean and picked up so Kristen doesn't feel like she has to. She will do all of the housework and take care of the baby if I would let her. So I make sure to have laundry going and vacuum often. Counters somewhat clean and attempt to keep the bedroom and living room picked up. Kristen's mom has been wonderful about helping out with that stuff and cooking for us. Her dad has been good about getting groceries and holding Chloe so Kristen can nap and get homework done.

The doctor said that Chloe is still in her calm stage and that starting next week she will be more fussy. Hopefully she won't be too bad. I am back working and Kristen's parents are leaving for Texas. So Kristen will be taking care of Chloe all by herself. Hopefully she will settle down and get rest now while her parents are here.

We took Chloe to get pictures taken Monday. She did so good! We had to drive to Independence but she was perfect in the car. Then when we got there she was calm and quiet and took great pictures. I wasn't too bad myself either. ;) Other than my daughter peeing on me a little it went great. :) Even that was pretty funny though. When they get the pictures posted I will publish a link here so all my "faithful blog followers" will be able to view them. (pending Kristen's approval).