Monday, July 14, 2008


I knew that I would be doing more laundry once Chloe arrived. However, I never expected I would be doing this much! It turns out that my daughter likes to pee once we get the diaper off and get her cleaned up. Just about the time I reach for a new diaper here comes the flood. By no means am I upset about this. It is really cute and I know it will eventually stop. (Please let it eventually stop!). I just have to be prepared for it. We have moved the changing padS off of the end of the bed and on to the dresser. We have everything within reach (including extra onesies and extra changing pads). This has helped a lot. (on a side note: I flinch every time she sneezes while I change her because of an 'accident' after a bath one time)

So we have changing pads and onesies to wash (a lot). Plus washing the onesies she just wears all day. Then we get to wash the cloth diapers/burp rags we use. We have our clothes that we get to wash because of normal use plus Chloe accidents too.

This morning I got to wash our sheets because Chloe spit up. A LOT. Kristen was mad at me because I guess I bounced her around too much while changing her and her onesie in the feeding break. So I got to change the sheets and wash them.

Oh well! Every day is a new adventure. I still love being a daddy!

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