Saturday, June 28, 2008

Baby Picture Comparison

I thought it would be cool to check out and see who Chloe looked like more. I found baby pictures of Kristen and I and put them side by side using photoshop. Definitely looks more like Kristen. She has her nose and her eyes. Her mouth, cheeks and fingers too! I think she got my hair though.

What do you think?

Fake Baby / Real Baby

A while back I posted and entry that showed some pictures of the crib and swing. I got told that I shouldn't make it look like we already had our baby! ;) So I wanted to post this picture of the two side by side. Pretty close huh? It is pretty neat to see them so close to each other.

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Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So special!

We are sitting at the hospital now. Kristen's parents and my mom is here with us. We are resting and sitting around. So many tests have been done on the baby today. Our nurse has come in and took her temperature and heartrate a few times. Our pediatrician came in this morning and did a once over. We will go into the office for another visit in a week.

Then the picture lady came and we had Chloe changed into her cute outfit. Then we spent some time taking pictures. You can see them on the hospital website when we get discharged. There are some really cute pictures!

The hearing test lady came in and we had her hearing tested. She passed! One ear took a little longer than the other but the lady said that might just be because there is still fluid in there.

It's amazing how easy it is to get lost staring into her eyes. She is so little and so precious. I will never get tired of looking at her and playing with her fingers and holding her tight.

Enjoy the pictures and we will make sure to get some more pictures posted as we get time.

We will be at the hospital today and tonight and plan on heading home around noon tomorrow. We are open to visitors so come by if you want to see Chloe!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Settling Down

All the guests have left and Kristen is attempting a second feeding. Then I get to change my first diaper. Ever!

I have uploaded pictures to our picasa web album so you call can see them there. I will continue to add more to that album and post a few select pictures here.

First picture!

Just wanted to send a quick first picture of our new baby! Please welcome Chloe Madelyne Smith.

Two thirty

Kristen has slept or almost slept all day. She isn't feeling any pain from the contractions but says she can tell when she is having them.

The baby's heart rate drops during the contractions which is normal I guess. The doctor and nurse have some concern about the irregularity of it though. The doctor has come in a few times and she says we can proceed normally so far.

So much better

Kristen's water broke on its own this morning. The contractions were hurting kristen and they were so often that we had the epidural put in. SO MUCH BETTER! Kristen actually smiled after it was over.

So now things have calmed down. The doctor and nurses have said the baby is being stubborn. They are watching the heartbeat and contractions closely.

Hospital Update

It was an early morning today. Kristen didn't get very much sleep at all last night. The cervidil did a number on her. She was able to relax after she took some sleep medicine and some pain med.

A note about the nurses.

The night nurse we had was awesome.
  • She introduced herself and asked my name and was very cordial when she first arrived.
  • She knew what she was doing. She told us everything she was doing and was very happy to explain more when we (I) asked questions.
  • She was very attentive to Kristen all night.
The day nurse started off on rocky ground with Kristen. Mornings are not Kristen's favorite time to be awake but the nurse did two things that we didn't like. Kristen is a nurse and knows the procedure they should follow. Anyway, the nurse was better the last time she came in. Hopefully she will make an effort and will 'win over' Kristen again rather than be the thing we didn't like about the hospital.

More updates later

Monday, June 23, 2008

At the hospital

We are at the hospital now. The picture is of the baby monitor. I will attempt to give regular updates. If I stop then either k is upset with me for spending so much time on my phone....OR.... The baby is coming.

At the hospital

We are at the hospital now. The picture is of the baby monitor. I will attempt to give regular updates. If I stop then either k is upset with me for spending so much time on my phone....OR.... The baby is coming.

Nothing changed

So far nothing with the plan has changed. I just wanted to throw this quick update since I didn't get to it earlier today.

24 Hours!

In 24 hours (if she doesn't come sooner) we are going to be starting the medicine that will start the labor process!

We are getting nervous now!

I will be going to the hospital after my test tonight. Wish me luck and please keep us in your prayers throughout this week.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Twitter Status

I am not sure what is going on with my twitter updates. But if you are interested you can find me on twitter here.

Thank you

I just wanted to say thank you to everyone that reads this blog. It took a bit for me to get started but the more I hear that people have been reading it the more fun I have posting. All of you have helped make this fun for me. If you want me to keep writing here with baby updates after she is born please let me know. The more interest I get will help me gauge how often I should post.

Also, thank you to everyone who asks about how things are going and want updates. It really means a lot to us. This whole experience has been awesome. Some of my family doesn't seem to care as much as you do and it really makes me appreciate the people that do even the simple things to show they care.

A big sappy post. I know. But for some reason I feel overwhelmed with love today.

No baby yet today. Kristen is resting up for her big day Tuesday!

No Baby!

Just an update. There isn't a new baby just yet. Kristen and I are getting ready to go to church and then will try to relax today.

Tomorrow we are planning on going to the hospital in the evening and then start baby time on Tuesday!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yeah. It's Really Happening

So I was looking through the pictures the other day and saw this one. I couldn't pass up sharing with all of you. Today is our due date! And yeah, the baby is really coming. Really really coming. (just not today).

We had another doctor appointment yesterday and the doctor is fairly confident that we will need to go through the entire process of being induced. Including going in Monday night for Cervidil. This will soften up the cervix so the baby can come out when they induce on Tuesday morning.

I feel sorry for Kristen because she will have to spend the night in the hospital Monday and then they are going to wake her up very early (6 or so) on Tuesday to take out the Cervidil and then start Potossin around 7. That is very early for her since she usually doesn't even get to bed until 2 or so. I know she will do great but I feel bad for her. But the sooner the baby can come the more time I get to see her!

That's it for now. I am trying to study for an exam I have on Monday night and keep getting distracted by little things like this. :)

Next post will probably have REAL baby pictures in it!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby in 8 days!

We had an baby doctor appointment this morning. Everything is looking great! Kristen isn't progressing enough for the doctor to think we are going to have a baby this week. We have scheduled an appointment for next Tuesday to be induced! How exciting is that!

We are going back this Friday for another appointment. We are going to have a sonogram and a bio-physical profile done for the baby. This should tell us about how big the baby is and what everything looks like in there. A bunch of doctor stuff.

I forget all of the details (maybe I can get Kristen to log in and fill this in) but we are going in Monday night (NEXT MONDAY!) so the doctor can do something to help soften up the uterus and get things progressing some. Then Tuesday morning we will begin the medicine that should start contractions. This is called Potossin I believe. Tuesday is going to be a long day but with any luck we will have a new addition to the family!

It would be very cool if Baby was born on the 24th (Tuesday). This would be the 3 year anniversary of the first time Kristen and I met in person. Our first date was at TGIFridays on June 24, 2005 with 6 other friends (3 each). Big date huh?

Anyway, I got to get back to work but just thought I would update those of you that keep an eye on this blog.

So Soon!

Just 5 more days to go until our due date! Yesterday Kristen and I took Aero to the dog park. Wasn't really a park. Just an off-leash area. It really makes me sad that I have to take her up to a park to let her run and get excersize now. I threw the ball 5 or 6 times and she was exhausted. I really think she had fun though. She won't play with other dogs though. She thinks she is human I swear.

Kristen's belly is so cute! I am torn cause I don't want it to go away! I love having my baby in there all cozy and warm. I know it has to come out though so I can see her and love her more!

I am confident that Kristen is ready for the baby to come out. She thinks the baby has grown a lot this last week and hasn't been doing the twist as much as she used to.

We have a doctor appointment this morning. Hopefully I will be able to post another quick update after that.
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Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Counting Down!

It is just 11 days until our due date! I am pretty sure that our daughter won't be born on our due date though. We have talked to the Doctor and she said that we can induce on the following Monday or Tuesday if things have started moving along.

I found out last night that my first test for my class is June 23rd! I talked to my professor and he basically told me that my wife and baby is the first priority and that we can work around class and the test. At least there is good things about the Masters program over the undergrad! Smaller classes and most teachers are more interested in helping you learn.

The baby is growing quite a bit. I can tell because Kristen is acting like she is more uncomfortable. We are both a bit nervous that the big day is coming so quickly! Everything has gone so smoothly (for me especially!) so far that I worry that our luck will run out.

I guess if we just keep praying and letting God handle this like he has handled everything else then there is absolutely no reason to worry, huh?

That's all for now. Just wanted to give a quick update to those who check this occasionally.