Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Counting Down!

It is just 11 days until our due date! I am pretty sure that our daughter won't be born on our due date though. We have talked to the Doctor and she said that we can induce on the following Monday or Tuesday if things have started moving along.

I found out last night that my first test for my class is June 23rd! I talked to my professor and he basically told me that my wife and baby is the first priority and that we can work around class and the test. At least there is good things about the Masters program over the undergrad! Smaller classes and most teachers are more interested in helping you learn.

The baby is growing quite a bit. I can tell because Kristen is acting like she is more uncomfortable. We are both a bit nervous that the big day is coming so quickly! Everything has gone so smoothly (for me especially!) so far that I worry that our luck will run out.

I guess if we just keep praying and letting God handle this like he has handled everything else then there is absolutely no reason to worry, huh?

That's all for now. Just wanted to give a quick update to those who check this occasionally.

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