Monday, June 16, 2008

Baby in 8 days!

We had an baby doctor appointment this morning. Everything is looking great! Kristen isn't progressing enough for the doctor to think we are going to have a baby this week. We have scheduled an appointment for next Tuesday to be induced! How exciting is that!

We are going back this Friday for another appointment. We are going to have a sonogram and a bio-physical profile done for the baby. This should tell us about how big the baby is and what everything looks like in there. A bunch of doctor stuff.

I forget all of the details (maybe I can get Kristen to log in and fill this in) but we are going in Monday night (NEXT MONDAY!) so the doctor can do something to help soften up the uterus and get things progressing some. Then Tuesday morning we will begin the medicine that should start contractions. This is called Potossin I believe. Tuesday is going to be a long day but with any luck we will have a new addition to the family!

It would be very cool if Baby was born on the 24th (Tuesday). This would be the 3 year anniversary of the first time Kristen and I met in person. Our first date was at TGIFridays on June 24, 2005 with 6 other friends (3 each). Big date huh?

Anyway, I got to get back to work but just thought I would update those of you that keep an eye on this blog.

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