Thursday, January 31, 2008

New Glider!

Our new glider came in yesterday! We sat in a few gliders and chairs before we came across this one at BabyLand. I wrote down the name and did research online to see if we can find it any cheaper. The manufacturer is Best Chairs and it is the Storytime series. It has a nice tall back and long glide.

I got it from the store and got it put together yesterday. Then spent a few minutes sitting in it to make sure it was still good. :) It is very comfortable. I know that after the baby comes Kristen and I will be thankful that we got it.

Oh, and it matches the crib sheets!

The elusive changing pad

After hours and hours of searching we finally have a changing pad that will fit! The crib we purchased and set up came with a very thin changing pad. It was one of the complaints (really the only complaint) that I could find on the reviews before we bought the crib. However, there were also reviews that said the Comfort Fit Contour pad would fit. It didn't.

So after a quick measure we quickly determined that we are going to have a tough time finding a short pad. The measurements were 16"x28". Most changing pads are at least 30" long. Because the changing table has rails all the way around I figured 30" is too long. Kristen and I both spent hours searching. I called one place that sells them (Sealy I believe) and they gave me the contact information for the crib maker. Then after calling them I realized that they don't sell thicker pads and don't know or have recommendations on who might. Argh!

So I got a call yesterday from USA Baby saying that our glider has come in (watch for that in another post). So while I was on the phone I asked if they had any short changing pads. The smalles they had was 16.5"x29". As you can see in the picture this fit perfectly! I was very relieved to have found one. I was quickly running out of options and didn't want to use the pad that came with the crib. So, now once we get a cover on it we will be done with that little adventure.

Other than this complication everything has been very smooth. We are getting the room set up. We had taken almost all of the non-baby stuff out. I am a big proponent of letting the room be just for the baby. There was a lot of stuff that we had to move! It's almost there though!
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Saturday, January 26, 2008


Kristen decided that she needs to go shopping for more comfortable clothes finally. She was holding off and waiting to admit that she needed to. We went to the mall today and when I saw her in the maternity clothes I was in awe. She was so cute!

I know that there are a thousand thoughts going through her head but the simple fact is that she is beautiful. I absolutely love the way she looks every day as the baby is growing. It is very hard to understand and realize what is going on inside of her stomach but every day I see her I get more and more excited to meet the little one.

It probably won't be long before I need to go shopping too. I have been doing my fair share of gaining during this time too. I don't mind it all that much but it is something that I have to get used to. It hasn't really sunk in that I was going to gain weight too. Everybody told me that I would but its hard to believe when I haven't gained hardly any weight in 5 years.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our new crib!

Kristen and I received our crib in the mail the other day. What an exciting time! Kristen was extremely happy to finally have it. Below is a picture i took with my phone.

Christopher and I took a couple hours Friday evening and set it up. It went together fairly well. It is very solid. Kristen and I had went and gotten the crib set earlier that day since we found out we were having a girl last Monday. I will post another entry with more about that.

The crib is a convertible crib. The idea here is that as the baby gets old enough then we can take the front cell bars off and put up two smaller ones with a gap in the middle. This will allow her to craw into bed herself but will prevent her from rolling out while she is sleeping. Then we can take those off and it will become a day bed type of thing. Then eventually the changing table will come off completely and the 'jail bars' will become the footboard of a twin bed.

The side is a changing table and has drawers in the front and shelves behind it that you can't see from the picture. We both really like the crib and hope that our little girl will too.

Lady Bugs!

Since we found out that we are having a girl Kristen bought a very cute crib set. It is a lady bug theme with some butterflies and dragonflies on it. I must admit that it is very cute. It is still taking me a bit to get used to the idea of having so much pink around. I know that it is necessary but it will just take some time. I am very excited!

Monday, January 14, 2008

A Girl!

We had our third appointment today and our second sonogram. We found out that we are having a girl!

We are so excited. Now we can start narrowing down our names and Kristen and get the designs for the crib and room. Kristen has found designs she has adored for both a girl and a boy. Now she can go ahead and get the stuff for a girl!

The doctor said that everything looks great. The growth is right on schedule and the heart rate is strong. 146 bpm if I remember correctly. Kristen just hit the 17 week mark last Saturday. The time is flying by!

If you can't see or pick out what is in the picture I will explain a bit. She is on her back and her head is on the left. Her arms are down to her side. She is kind of sitting indian style too. Her legs are slightly curled up.

She was so active during the sonogram! She was moving all over the place. Her arms were moving around and up to her face and at one point she stretched out her legs just so we can see how tall she is.

I should start updating this more. Now that I am sending out the address you can use this to keep up with the latest information on the baby. More later...

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Big News!

We have told almost everybody now. Kristen still needs to tell work. Although a few people know, the majority do not.

We are going in a couple of weeks for another sonogram. That is supposed to be the appointment when we find out if we are having a boy or girl. If everything goes right that is. It will be 17 weeks not the normal 20 weeks. I am excited to see the baby again. I can't wait!

We started getting presents already for the baby. We got a Tabbie book and a couple outfits. We also got a pink doggie. I guess they thought we should have a girl. ;) It is very cute but I am not sure I want to let my little boy play with it too much. :) I am sure it won't matter too much when the time actually comes around though.

That's about it for now. Kristen has been feeling much better and is not as tired as she was last month. She is beautiful.

Bye for now