Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Our new crib!

Kristen and I received our crib in the mail the other day. What an exciting time! Kristen was extremely happy to finally have it. Below is a picture i took with my phone.

Christopher and I took a couple hours Friday evening and set it up. It went together fairly well. It is very solid. Kristen and I had went and gotten the crib set earlier that day since we found out we were having a girl last Monday. I will post another entry with more about that.

The crib is a convertible crib. The idea here is that as the baby gets old enough then we can take the front cell bars off and put up two smaller ones with a gap in the middle. This will allow her to craw into bed herself but will prevent her from rolling out while she is sleeping. Then we can take those off and it will become a day bed type of thing. Then eventually the changing table will come off completely and the 'jail bars' will become the footboard of a twin bed.

The side is a changing table and has drawers in the front and shelves behind it that you can't see from the picture. We both really like the crib and hope that our little girl will too.

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katie said...

Yeah!!! I love it!!! I am SO exctied for how real this is all becoming!!!!!!!!!!!!