Monday, January 14, 2008

A Girl!

We had our third appointment today and our second sonogram. We found out that we are having a girl!

We are so excited. Now we can start narrowing down our names and Kristen and get the designs for the crib and room. Kristen has found designs she has adored for both a girl and a boy. Now she can go ahead and get the stuff for a girl!

The doctor said that everything looks great. The growth is right on schedule and the heart rate is strong. 146 bpm if I remember correctly. Kristen just hit the 17 week mark last Saturday. The time is flying by!

If you can't see or pick out what is in the picture I will explain a bit. She is on her back and her head is on the left. Her arms are down to her side. She is kind of sitting indian style too. Her legs are slightly curled up.

She was so active during the sonogram! She was moving all over the place. Her arms were moving around and up to her face and at one point she stretched out her legs just so we can see how tall she is.

I should start updating this more. Now that I am sending out the address you can use this to keep up with the latest information on the baby. More later...

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