Friday, February 17, 2012

Miracle is 2!

We have another 2 year old!  Miracle celebrated his birthday early in the month then I took him to the doctor for his two year checkup.  He is doing great.  We are pretty fortunate to have healthy children.  I don't know how Kristen does it.  I took all three kids and had to manage the two others and distract Miracle from being nervous.  He did great though.  Blood draw and two shots and he was awesome.  The other two did good too and things went off without a hitch. 

Other than that things are going smooth.  Continuing with Chloe's school, dance and soccer.  She loves all of it. Brady is still the happiest little thing.  Kristen and I are doing great and things are going smooth.  It's hard to remember that we are to be thankful for our blessings when things are going smooth.  We are so blessed and God has done wonderful things in our lives.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Miracle's Birthday

So far this month has been very exciting.  We celebrated Miracle's birthday Sunday by having a small gathering of family and friends at TRex Restaurant at The Legends.  Miracle was so excited about it until we stepped into the door and he saw the big dinosaur.  Things didn't go well for him after that.  He wasn't super excited about being there around all the big moving dinosaurs and sounds.  All of the other kids enjoyed it and Miracle really had fun when we let him dig in the sand for fossils after dinner.

Kristen was able to set up her requested rotating schedule so finally we might be able to have some consistency there.  We have been able to plan several weeks in advance but every week her schedule is different.  However, each week of the month going forward is different but each month will be the same as the next.  So that's a bit better.

I have been getting mentally prepared for the house projects I will be doing this year.  I still need to finish our master bathroom.  I got the floor tiled but next I will redo the ceiling and paint the walls.  I may or may not do something with the shower this year.  Depends on how much time and money we have available.  (ie. very unlikely).  Hopefully I can finish the walls and ceiling faster than I finished the floor.  I have also made a decision to get a few more golf games in this year and to take Chloe fishing this summer.  With her being old enough now we can start doing a lot more of that kind of stuff.