Monday, April 28, 2008

Childbirth Class

Kristen and I had our childbirth preparation class last Saturday. It was interesting. It wasn't as long of a day as I thought it would be. We got there and the first hour crept by but then everyone loosened up a little and had more fun. We were in class from 9 to about 3 or 3:30. It was supposed to go a bit longer but I think the last 30 minutes or so of the scheduled time was for a hospital tour. Kristen and I are going to do our tour and pre-registration in a week or two.

We learned a lot about what to expect during labor and delivery. Mostly that it isn't going to be any fun for either one of us. :)

The videos were fairly short and weren't all that bad. They looked like they could probably be updated though. The tapes looked like they were from the 80's.

Other than that class we haven't had a lot going on in relation to the baby. One of Kristen's friends is letting us use their jogging stroller. Scratch that. One of Kristen's friends is letting KRISTEN use their jogging stroller. It will be a walking stroller for me. :) It is really nice. It was very nice of them.

Kristen's baby showers are coming up soon. I can't wait to see all the fun things that people want to get for our little baby.

I have so much fun playing with my little girl. I can sit forever and play games with her. I am sure Kristen is getting tired of me poking her belly. (No, not hard. Just enough to get baby to kick back). She rolls and pushes and I am pretty sure I can even hear her giggle. Probably not but I can't wait till she does! Maybe that is me giggling. I feel like such a little kid when I am playing with her and she isn't even born yet!

We just passed the 32 week mark. We only have 8 more to go!

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Baby Fight!

The baby and I had our first fight the other night. No! Not really! Kristen got home from work and baby likes to wake up and go nuts about the time Kristen is laying down to go to sleep. I put my hand on her belly and baby would kick my hand. So I pushed in another spot and she pushed back. I felt her little behind or knee. It is such an amazing feeling!

I can't wait until the time comes where I get to look her in the eye and tell her that I am her daddy.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

So Excited!

Kristen is an amazing pregnant lady! I know, kind of a weird statement.

We just got back from a trip to Houston and San Antonio. I realized today that I don't remember her complaining about the baby or being pregnant the whole trip. In fact, the only things I ever remember her saying are that the baby hurts when she kicks Kristen in one spot on her stomach. It seems to be the baby's favorite spot.

We had lots of take-offs and landings since we flew and spent time in the airport. I was getting tired of it and I know she must have been uncomfortable but I didn't hear her complain once. She is amazing. Hopefully these last 10 weeks will go smoothly.

10 weeks left on Saturday!

We have the baptism scheduled for July 27th. Kristen has two dresses in the closet for the baby. She is trying to decide which one she wants to return. To me, they both look the same (except for the price tag). However, she is working on deciding.

We are going to try and move the office to the basement this weekend. That will allow us to put another bedroom upstairs. I know Kristen has been getting antsy to do that. It will be quite a bit of work since the bedroom downstairs that we are going to use for the office is JAM PACKED with stuff. I can open the door and that is about it. I have to crawl over stuff to get anywhere in the room. The stuff has been in there for 5 months. Hopefully we can just get rid of most of it or use it in the bedroom upstairs.

Other than those few things I am trying to get the grass to grow in the back yard. I have planted seed and did all the prep work. It has been kind of cold but rainy for the last two weeks. I hope that the grass will start to sprout and get full soon. It rained enough today to see that I only missed one or two spots when I brought in the dirt. And both of those spots are small. I can bring in a bag or two of dirt to fill those in.

I need to get pictures up soon. I will try to get a picture of Kristen this weekend and post it.