Thursday, January 31, 2008

The elusive changing pad

After hours and hours of searching we finally have a changing pad that will fit! The crib we purchased and set up came with a very thin changing pad. It was one of the complaints (really the only complaint) that I could find on the reviews before we bought the crib. However, there were also reviews that said the Comfort Fit Contour pad would fit. It didn't.

So after a quick measure we quickly determined that we are going to have a tough time finding a short pad. The measurements were 16"x28". Most changing pads are at least 30" long. Because the changing table has rails all the way around I figured 30" is too long. Kristen and I both spent hours searching. I called one place that sells them (Sealy I believe) and they gave me the contact information for the crib maker. Then after calling them I realized that they don't sell thicker pads and don't know or have recommendations on who might. Argh!

So I got a call yesterday from USA Baby saying that our glider has come in (watch for that in another post). So while I was on the phone I asked if they had any short changing pads. The smalles they had was 16.5"x29". As you can see in the picture this fit perfectly! I was very relieved to have found one. I was quickly running out of options and didn't want to use the pad that came with the crib. So, now once we get a cover on it we will be done with that little adventure.

Other than this complication everything has been very smooth. We are getting the room set up. We had taken almost all of the non-baby stuff out. I am a big proponent of letting the room be just for the baby. There was a lot of stuff that we had to move! It's almost there though!
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