Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Yeah. It's Really Happening

So I was looking through the pictures the other day and saw this one. I couldn't pass up sharing with all of you. Today is our due date! And yeah, the baby is really coming. Really really coming. (just not today).

We had another doctor appointment yesterday and the doctor is fairly confident that we will need to go through the entire process of being induced. Including going in Monday night for Cervidil. This will soften up the cervix so the baby can come out when they induce on Tuesday morning.

I feel sorry for Kristen because she will have to spend the night in the hospital Monday and then they are going to wake her up very early (6 or so) on Tuesday to take out the Cervidil and then start Potossin around 7. That is very early for her since she usually doesn't even get to bed until 2 or so. I know she will do great but I feel bad for her. But the sooner the baby can come the more time I get to see her!

That's it for now. I am trying to study for an exam I have on Monday night and keep getting distracted by little things like this. :)

Next post will probably have REAL baby pictures in it!

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