Wednesday, June 25, 2008

So special!

We are sitting at the hospital now. Kristen's parents and my mom is here with us. We are resting and sitting around. So many tests have been done on the baby today. Our nurse has come in and took her temperature and heartrate a few times. Our pediatrician came in this morning and did a once over. We will go into the office for another visit in a week.

Then the picture lady came and we had Chloe changed into her cute outfit. Then we spent some time taking pictures. You can see them on the hospital website when we get discharged. There are some really cute pictures!

The hearing test lady came in and we had her hearing tested. She passed! One ear took a little longer than the other but the lady said that might just be because there is still fluid in there.

It's amazing how easy it is to get lost staring into her eyes. She is so little and so precious. I will never get tired of looking at her and playing with her fingers and holding her tight.

Enjoy the pictures and we will make sure to get some more pictures posted as we get time.

We will be at the hospital today and tonight and plan on heading home around noon tomorrow. We are open to visitors so come by if you want to see Chloe!
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amby said...

hi smith family

just took a look at the up dates. what a joy. i got to show grandma the pictures. she loved them. cant what to see you all.

love you