Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Baby is Great

Chloe had her first doctor's appointment yesterday. They said she is doing fantastic. She is sleeping for 3 to 4 hour stretches at night. She has already gained weight back to her birth weight (plus 3 extra ounces). They said they want that by two weeks and she did it in one! That's my girl!

They checked her color and bones and all that and said she is fine. We are going back in 3 weeks for the 1 month checkup. I will be sure to post again after that one. Hopefully I won't wait that long to post again but who knows!

Things are really good around the house too. Other than me being tired and bit grumpy everything is fine. I have been busting my ass trying to keep things clean and picked up so Kristen doesn't feel like she has to. She will do all of the housework and take care of the baby if I would let her. So I make sure to have laundry going and vacuum often. Counters somewhat clean and attempt to keep the bedroom and living room picked up. Kristen's mom has been wonderful about helping out with that stuff and cooking for us. Her dad has been good about getting groceries and holding Chloe so Kristen can nap and get homework done.

The doctor said that Chloe is still in her calm stage and that starting next week she will be more fussy. Hopefully she won't be too bad. I am back working and Kristen's parents are leaving for Texas. So Kristen will be taking care of Chloe all by herself. Hopefully she will settle down and get rest now while her parents are here.

We took Chloe to get pictures taken Monday. She did so good! We had to drive to Independence but she was perfect in the car. Then when we got there she was calm and quiet and took great pictures. I wasn't too bad myself either. ;) Other than my daughter peeing on me a little it went great. :) Even that was pretty funny though. When they get the pictures posted I will publish a link here so all my "faithful blog followers" will be able to view them. (pending Kristen's approval).

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Unknown said...

She is so beautiful Scott!!! I enjoy reading about your experiences:) Awe do I remember the days;) Cherish every moment...then they get BIG:) LOL