Saturday, July 12, 2008

Don't Grow Up!

So, I have been sitting here at my computer for a couple hours now with Chloe on my chest...just sleeping away. I haven't really been doing anything important ( I could be studying or working but instead was just watching Numb3rs and not wanting to wake up C!)

It makes me sad to think that she will soon be growing up and won't be able to lay down and fall asleep on my chest like this. I know that it is part of life and there will be good things then. I am jumping the gun a bit. I just love my little girl and don't want her to change! :(

However, I can't wait for her to be walking so we can play soccer and go fishing and do all the fun stuff that we can do together!

I really wish you all could see her now though. She had her arms up under her head like I do when I sleep. Now she is holding on to my necklace. :)

More mushy stuff to come. Trust me.

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