Thursday, November 6, 2008

So Cool

I love being a dad. Chloe and I were talking and playing some tonight and I put her down in her 'exersaucer' to let her play and wear down for our story and bedtime. I have been watching her figure out how to use the toys and buttons. She stares at something and then accidentally hits a button. It makes noise. The next minute or so is calculated and she really tries to figure out how to do it. She has bumped one button and stops and stares at the lights while it plays music.

The other cool thing I notice is that she has figured out what the pacifier is. I hooked it to a tether attached to her shirt. She has reached for it and grabbed the pacifier and almost figured out how to get it into her mouth. Before I had it tethered to her shirt she wouldn't stop chewing on her hand.

I love seeing her grow and learn. She is learning so fast and as much as it makes me sad it makes me very proud to be her father.

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