Saturday, January 28, 2012


The new year has been awesome for our family.

Kristen has somewhat settled into her new position at Children's Mercy as a Nurse Practitioner. She is still orienting but enjoys what she is doing.

Chloe started preschool again and is learning so much. She very much enjoys going and is excited when she gets done. She is still doing soccer after preschool on Tuesdays and dance on Tuesday nights. It was parents night last week. Unfortunately Kristen had to work but I was able to be there with the two boys. Chloe does a great job! She stays very close to her teacher and watches everything she does so she can mimic and follow along.

Miracle is turning into a little man.  He started potty training.  We didn't push him too hard but he went a couple times at daycare and was interested and wanting to go.  He has the occasional accident but mostly due to us not staying on top of it.  He even went poop in the toilet the other morning!

Brady has 4 teeth now.  He is still the happiest little baby.  He has started, however, to throw tiny temper tantrums.  It's really funny to see him do it.  When we say 'no' or take something away he flops face first onto the carpet and hides his face in his arms and cries for 3 seconds.  Then he is done.

I am doing great.  Still working for Electrotank and enjoy what I am doing.  I stopped being a group life leader at the church (for 8th graders) because I felt like I was trying to take on too much.  I now feel like I'm finally getting settled in and at a good pace.   Things are going very smoothly and it's such a relief!

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