Friday, February 1, 2008

Baby Room

I spent some today working on the baby room. It is almost done! Kristen and I cleaned up some more. I hung her photo frame that holds somewhere around 25 pictures. They currently just have pictures of her and her friends but I think she is going to spend time switching out those pictures for family pictures. We hung that behind the door because all of the other wall filled up very quickly. I hung the white shelf (after putting another quick coat of paint on it last night). Kristen moved the night stand to the other side of the glider and put the tv in the closet.

I also patched some nail holes in the wall and put up new nails for the soft wall hangings you see in the picture below. The white shelf was originally over the crib but I didn't feel safe leaving it there so I moved it to the other wall. I hung up the baby's calendar and we cleaned out the last bit of stuff. Just a few more things we need and it will be done! I am happy to have this done early. It will definitely help with finances (and stress) later when the baby is almost here.

As far as I can tell we are just about done. I think Kristen may want to get a rug for the floor and we will of course get more books for the book shelf. Speaking of books, Kristen found a couple really cute books for the baby. Two of them are picture bibles. They are nicely illustrated bible stories. One is for a younger child and one is for when she gets slightly older. The other book she picked up is the baby's first scrapbook. Its really cute. It has places to fill in for the family tree and pictures and birth weight, time, etc. It is really cute and will be something we can put away after she is a year old and give to her when she starts thinking about dating.

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