Monday, February 18, 2008

Our Appointment

We went in last Friday for our latest appointment. We had another sonogram as you can see by the picture. It is harder to tell what's what I think. But in the picture her head is to the right and you can see one eye and her nose and mouth. Her hand is up on top of her chest.

The sonogram lady said everything looks great. We could see the heart beating and her chest was moving up and down like she was practicing breathing. I could even see her mouth open and close a little. She's already adorable!

We then went and the doctor said everything looks great too. We got a packet from the hospital so now we can preregister for the birth now at the hospital. That got me thinking about all the things that have to be ready for the big day. I think I may be more nervous about this than I was about the wedding! If things go wrong at the wedding then it (probably) doesn't mean health problems. I am going to rely on friends and family to make sure that I don't lose my mind!

Kristen is still getting little things for the baby. We are now getting more clothes and she got a really cute picture frame and a photo album yesterday. You will just have to come see it! We are always up for having visitors.

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