Saturday, March 8, 2008

Lady Bugs!

There are definitely enough lady bugs for our daughter. Kristen just got done doing some painting. Below is a picture of some of her artwork. She had friends help her start them but did a lot of work herself to finish them up. I think they turned out very well. They definitely aren't going to be fun to paint over when that time comes but there is no use worrying about that now!

Other than the painting in the baby room there hasn't been too much going on. I will take a picture of Kristen in one of her cute shirts so you can see her growing belly. I love it! I think she might be getting tired of me talking to the baby. I do it a lot.

We are headed to Topeka this morning to have lunch with Chris and Chris and Dave and the girls. Christine called last night and told me that Dave had the girls while Sara was working and invited us to lunch with them. So we are going there this morning and then heading back here to help Kristen's friend work on her house.
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