Sunday, March 30, 2008


I saw our new baby update email. Now our baby is "like a Chinese cabbage". Really? I am not really understanding what the obsession is with comparing kids to obscure vegetables. Oh well, apparently our baby is so cute you could just eat her up.

Kristen and I are doing great. This pregnancy thing is wearing on me. My back hurts, I get leg cramps and just blow up at the smallest thing. :) Just kidding. Kristen is doing amazing. She is getting to the point where her back is starting to hurt but I don't hear her complain at all. I did yard work friday and my back hurts. You better believe she is hearing me whine. A lot! She even helped me do some of the yard work and I know her back has to be hurting. She's a trooper.

Her belly is absolutely adorable. We had her work recognition ceremony/dinner last night and she got to dress up. She was so cute!

I better go. Just woke up early before Sunday school and need to go get ready. Keep watching for more updates as the big day gets closer. We are going to Houston and San Antonio next weekend to visit Kristen's friend and family. Then back home to relax until a wedding in May.

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