Monday, August 18, 2008

Good Weekend

Kristen and I had a good weekend with Chloe. Friday night we had a date for Kristen's birthday. Her friend watched Chloe for us. That night I took Chloe and let Kristen sleep. I fed Chloe using stored bottles. We ended up sleeping on the couch. I held her and rocked her until 11:30. I laid her down and she woek up by 11:45. I rocked her and read to her again and she fell asleep. I laid her down at 12:30 and she was up again by 1. So I fed her at the second time about 1:30. She finally fell asleep (we were on the couch downstairs at this time). I got some more olympic watching in and chloe slept well. In fact, she slept from 1:30 to 7 or so. Kristen slept great!

Then Saturday night Chloe fell asleep before midnight again and slept all night! Not sure what time she woke up in the morning but it was late enough that Kristen was VERY happy. Again last night she slept most of the night. Is this a pattern? Can we please have this continue!?!

Saturday we had pictures taken at Portrait Innovations. That is where the picture came from. It was a pretty good wait but we were ready to get out of there. We got a lot of stuff done at the house this weekend too. Yard mowed, trees trimmed, (some) wood chopped, flower beds weeded (a little). Sunday we got the child safety door-knob covers on, safety latches on the chemical cabinets, vacuumed, laundry and a lot more cleaning. Whew, long weekend!
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