Wednesday, August 27, 2008

More Chloe!

Chloe has been changing so much lately. It is very easy to get her to smile and laugh now. I love making her laugh. It makes my heart happy.

Kristen took a picture of her in her crib again. She is getting so much bigger. The first time we did that she was just a tiny little thing. Now she looks somewhat normal in the crib. However, Kristen decided it would be fun to put her in the laundry basket. She said that she didn't have an extra hand to get the laundry and Chloe upstairs. I think she just wanted to take pictures. I would have!

We hung up Chloe's bouncy chair. She doesn't quite know what to think yet. We don't want her in it too much because we don't want her head to flop around...but she is doing great holding it up. Probably 90% of the time she holds it still. The only time she wobbles is when she is tired.

She is starting to push up and support her own weight with her feet too. She likes to stand up and dance. (I say dance because she isn't strong enough to stay steady yet).

Chloe is also blowing bubbles all the time now! It's getting hard to keep her outfits drool-free.

That's about it for now. Sorry about not having a lot of posts lately. I wish I could do more. With school and work it seems like I barely have any time to see my girls.
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