Monday, May 12, 2008

Another Sonogram!

Kristen and I went to our baby appointment today. Kristen's parents were in town and joined us for the appointment. We weren't supposed to have any more sonograms done unless there was an issue but when the doctor saw them she had the sonographer get us in. I am so glad she did!

There are a few more pictures that I have but wanted to put up these two. The others are mostly of her face too. Once to make sure she is still a girl. (She has a cute little butt!)

The top picture is looking down at her face. You can see her chubby cheek, nose mouth and the left side of her face is darkened out.

The bottom picture is a profile of her face. Her lips look big and pouty. Her hand are laying on her chest if you can make those out too.

The pregnancy is progressing very well. The baby was kicking the sonographer as she was taking pictures. We even saw her stick out her tongue at us!
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