Monday, May 12, 2008

Last long car ride?

Hopefully Kristen has taken her last long car ride and we are going to be around Kansas City until after the baby is born. We just got back from St. Louis where we went to a wedding. Kristen didn't seem to do bad at all but I am sure she was uncomfortable and the more pregnant she gets the more uncomfortable it is going to have to be. I was impressed with Kristen. She didn't have to stop for the bathroom any more than I did! In fact, it was probably me that was stopping first!

So our baby weighs about as much as "your average cantaloupe" according to her fruit and vegetable ridden comparisons.

She is rolling and moving so much now! I can feel Kristen's belly and tell where she is at almost every time now. Occasionally i think i startle the baby and she moves suddenly, which she then kicks Kristen in her rib or kidney or something and Kristen jumps then I feel bad. But I have to admit, when she doesn't hurt Kristen it is fun to play! She will move and push and play. I am so excited to have her out so I can hold her.

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