Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Baby Shower

Kristen had her first baby shower last weekend. Her mom had planned a lot for it. They spent the whole week prior getting things ready. Her cousin had come in the day before and baked a ladybug cake and they all had more desserts and things.

I decided to skip out and stay away from the house. David brought the girls up and we went to Chuck E Cheese. Dad came and helped us corral the girls. They had a great time. John hid out in the basement and Christopher went somewhere else. I guess Ken and the boys were part of the shower as well. Not sure if they stayed in the basement playing PS3 the whole time or not.

Kristen got a lot of stuff! Actually, the baby got a lot. Kristen got some. The first picture is a diaper cake that Michelle made. The bottom part is cloth diapers and the top part is disposable. Then it is wrapped with ribbon and toys are tied to it. It was a really cute idea.

The second picture is just one of Kristen opening one of her presents. There were about 20 people that showed up I guess. Some of Kristen's family from Wichita came and my mom, step-mom, sister and sister-in-laws were able to make it. Cayce wasn't able to come from Tennessee for it. That's ok because we get to see them in July when they come back for the baptism and the other baby shower.

I am getting excited for the baby to come. I know that there is still a lot of things that we need. Kristen has two more baby showers next weekend. I think one is a joint shower and the other is from her work. I get to go golfing. :)

We have a lot more clothes than I think the baby will be able to wear when she is little. There will be a lot of outfit changes! That is for sure. We got lots of blankets too!

That is really about it. Kristen's parents are flying out today and will come back in a few weeks when it gets closer to time to have the baby. I am going to try and get Kristen to rest as much as possible and save her energy.

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