Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Family Visits

 More playing around the house.  Brady is walking more and more and likes to just stand and throw balls while standing.  He crawls to a ball, stands up with it and throws it.  However, he has started taking more and more steps.  He's pretty proud of himself when he does it too.

Brady and Miracle were playing yesterday while Chloe was at dance class.  Brady decided he needed the toy at the back of the shelf.

We went to the aquarium last Friday with Dad and Cathy.  I ended up taking the day off so I could join the family.  It was pretty fun.  Saturday we headed to St. Joseph to have lunch with David and Sara and the family as well as Ken, Dad and Cathy.  We headed back to Kansas City so that Kristen could go to a bridal shower.  While she was at the shower I took the three children out to Cabella's to kill some time.  We looked all over the store at the animals and went through the fish tunnel a couple times.  It was slightly stressful but fun anyway.

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