Thursday, May 10, 2012


Wow.  It's May already.  It doesn't feel like March and April stuck around long enough to enjoy.   We have some crazy stuff going on around the Smith household.  For starters, I got a new job in Maine.  There's a new company starting up there that specializes in a chemical that is found in hamsters.  It's a great opportunity to get in the ground floor of a company that has great potential.  Kristen and the kids are going to join me out there as soon as Kristen can find a job.

Now that I got your attention (if anybody actually reads this thing) I was just kidding.  Things are status quo with my job.  Things are actually working out really well.  I very much enjoy what i do and working remotely is a blessing for us.  Kristen's job is going very well and she enjoys what she is doing.

Chloe's school is wrapping up and she will have the summer off.  She is really fun to watch when she's interacting with other kids.  The neighbor boy is in her preschool class and they have a pretty good friendship.  They run around together and play well.  Another neighbor has a boy about Miracle's age and they all get together and play occasionally.  She still loves to read and always asks to do her numbers books (stickers and counting and games).  She is an amazing little girl.

 Miracle is doing great.  We are hoping to move him to a closer daycare.  It would make it easier to pick up and drop off the kids and I think Miracle will learn a lot more at the new daycare.  They had an opening starting in June and we hope we can get him in.  Otherwise we will wait till August.  The foster situation has some progress but I am not going to post that here.  If you are interested send me an email or text and I would be happy to share the news.
 Brady is a ham.  He went with Kristen to Philadelphia last week and took his first steps while he was there.  At least Kristen got it on video and John and Michelle were there to see it.  He is so amazing.  He loves to give hugs which melts my heart.  He is the only one so far that is content to sit and lay against my chest for any time at all (at least after they turned 1 year old).  He is walking a bit more but mostly likes to push around his train.  He basically can run with it now.

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