Tuesday, May 29, 2012

KC Jiggle Jam

 Sunday the boys and I went with some friends to Crown Center where they had the KC Jiggle Jam.  It is a pretty cool event aimed at kids.  They had all sorts of kids music spread between three stages and bounce houses and crafts.  Here are some pictures I got while we were there.

Miracle's friend John was very excited about seeing Choo Choo Soul.  They do a song or two on the Disney channel between shows.  They put on a good, entertaining show.  I enjoyed watching it anyway.
 By the end of the show everybody was extremely hot and ready to go.  The three boys all fell asleep as soon as they got into the air conditioning of the van.
It was a good day. Church was awesome, then we headed straight to Crown Center and then we played at Grandma and Grandpa's house for a bit.  I went and got Kristen and Chloe from the airport and then we had dinner and cake back at John and Michelle's.  Everybody crashed when we got home.  After seeing John and Michelle off we went to Topeka to hang out with some of my family for a few hours.  Had lunch and played and headed home for dinner.

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